BD — Becton Dickinson

Product designer for the flow cytometry software “CBA” (Cytometric Bead Array).

Beton Builders

Developed the Creative Direction, Logo & Branding, Web Ads, Print Collateral, Video Titles, Front-Facing website, and a Client-Facing website for the NYC architecture design and build firm. View Work →

Carnegie Council

Creative Directed and Designed the Carnegie Council website and sister company’s microsite-blog, “Policy Innovations”.

Catskill Brewery

Designed the brewery’s logo and bottle packaging.

Columbia University

I designed two annual launches of Columbia’s Giving Day campaign where I created the Creative Direction, User Experience, Interaction Design, Social Media, Event Ideation, Video Concepting, and Branding. View Work →

Comedy Central

Digital Designer on Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” interactive television application.


Worked on the User Experience for the “GE Garages” website.

Guinness Draught

Designed and Developed a seasonal micro-site for Guinness’s holiday campaign.

Here Here

I Co-founded, Creative Directed, and created Strategy for the meet-up network, Here Here. View Work →

I Can't Believe It's Not Butter!

For their new recipe relaunch I created the User Experience, Interaction Design, and Visual Design for ICBINB’s website. View Work →


Product designer for Knox’s first responder’s SaaS platform.

Lincoln Automotive

I was the on-site (Memphis, TN) web producer for Lincoln’s webisodic video campaign for the websites “Lovely By Surprise” and “The Neverything”.

Magnet Theater

Creative Directed, Designed the Logo & Branding, UX’d, and Visually Designed the responsive website and theater signage. View Work →

McGraw Hill Financial

I designed (UX & Visual) an IOS app for the company’s Code of Business Ethics annual certification program. View Work →

Mercury Cars

Digital Designer for Mercury’s webisodic video campaign and website “Meet the Lucky Ones”.

Morgan Stanley

Worked on various projects including designing MS’s financial advisor software, design system, and heuristic reviews. View Work →


Worked on the strategy and new feature creation for Napster’s mobile application.

Open Paddle

I Designed and UX’d a mobile web application for coordinating the use of ping pong tables at a venue. This was created with the purpose of being white labeled and re-skinned. View Work →


Created the Creative Direction for PIPS Table Tennis & Art Space including designing the “famous” PIPS Elephant Logo, website, signage (hand painted on glass), clothing, and print collateral.


Experiential Design for the Puma sponsored ping pong holiday experience at Brooklyn Bazaar.

Purdue University

For two years I created the Creative Direction, Branding, UX, Social Media, Print Design, Event Ideation, and Video Ideation for Purdue’s Day of Giving campaign. View Work →


While a contracted UX Designer at Sub Rosa I worked on Recode’s responsive website. View Work →


Created User Experience and Interaction Design for Suave’s new product release microsite. View Work →


I created the Creative Direction, Strategy, Phased Feature-set, Branding, UX, and Visual Design for the Rivals IOS app. View Work →


Created Interaction Design for SEI’s website.

Tiger Beer

Creative Directed, UX’d, and Visual Designed the web application for Tiger Beer’s campaign “Tiger Pong”.

US Open Tennis

Digital Designer on the US Open Tennis microsite for USA Network.

USA Network

Created Visual Design, Optimized Video Encoding, and Front-end Development for USA Network’s website.


Designed a mobile app for Volvo’s NCAA Final Four campaign.