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Here Here, founded and designed by Graham Slick (Me), is an interactive social experience that brings old buddies back together, helps users realize similar interests with their current friends, and finds users new people to hang out with who like what they do. Based on what you’re into, Here Here will tell you about some cool things your friends are doing and suggest some rad things peeps near you are doing. It’s great for groups too. Get your friends together and find other groups of people into the same stuff as your posse.

The Here Here began when I found a need to (politely) let my friends know when and where I was playing ping pong. I didn’t want the invite to be formal with rsvps and head-counts, we’re not getting married to ping pong, we just want to hit some balls and hang out. I wanted to informally invite friends to play, and I also wanted to grow a group of new ping pong playing friends to play with so that I would never be stuck not playing anyone.

I started with goals for the site. I found it was easy to brainstorm and add features to the site, but keeping the focus on the core functionality and creating launch phases was very important. I worked on the information architecture, site guidelines & wireframes which helped the backend programmer, front-end developer (Me), and interactive designer (Me) create the site in an agile work environment, we used Teambox for project management.

I created the site & beta teaser site to be designed & coded with a responsive layout, a full screen image format, and with a simple flat design… Up-to-date with the current design trends. For the creation of the Here Here logo I wanted to add a subtle indicator to the url ( to clear any confusion and to also subtly have the url IN the logo. All copywriting was written by me. The tone of the writing was designed to be very conversational & friendly, as if your friend was telling you about the site. After all, the site is basically about making new friends.

I’m currently designing the mobile app version and working on getting the beta version of the site launched to the masses.

Here Here

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