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“Day of Giving”

Purdue Day of Giving is a 24 hour social-giving campaign where university schools and departments are pitted against each other in order to see who can raise the most money. Schools which are at the top of the leaderboard will then win a higher percentage of donation matching. There’re also bonuses for competing in fun social activities.

This was my second campaign for Purdue University…and third “Giving Day” campaign (Overall: 2 for Purdue University & 2 for Columbia University). I learned a great deal during the previous “Giving Day” iterations, and what comes with creating multiple similar campaigns is the ability to use qualitative and quantitative user experience findings for improving each successive campaign. One way that solidified that I was correct in my findings and revisions was that each campaign earned more than the previous. This one raised a record $13.7 million in 24 hours; the largest total for a single-day campaign in higher education ever.

This campaign design direction started from a design I had created for the main header graphic for the website, the spotlight on the logo (I also created the logo). As I was designing it I was thinking about how the donations of each department went to their specific program, and when donating the user is essentially putting a spotlight on the issue they’re most concerned with. Additionally, the spotlight could represent bringing into conversation all the good work Purdue has done for the world.

From that header graphic we extrapolated the design into the campaign’s multiple properties. I was integral in ideating concepts for both the trailer and thank you videos, brainstorming experiential on-campus events and activities, designing printed materials and creating reusable assets for each department, social post themes and graphics, print advertising, and facebook ads.


Work created for Purdue University:

Day of Giving Campaign – 2014
Campaign Design Direction, Logo, Website, Social, Video, Print, Ads, Activation Ideation

Day of Giving Campaign – 2015
Campaign Design Direction, Logo Update, Website, Social, Video, Print, Ads, Activation Ideation

Ever True Capital Campaign – 2105
Campaign Design Direction, Logo, Brand Guidelines, Brand Book Design

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