McGraw Hill Financial – Code of Business Ethics App

I was hired to create the McGraw Hill Financial Code Of Business Ethics (COBE) iPhone App. This project was brought to me via the Madzik Agency whom I had previously worked full-time for a few years earlier. Madzik had been creating a video series for MHF and brought me in to consult on this interactive project. I also worked closely with the development team from Evolvinx.

My roles for this project included the┬áideation of app features, wireframes, information architecture, interaction design, creative direction, and visual design. It was important (as with any project) to maintain visual and interactive cohesion with the brand’s design system. I worked closely with their branding and style guidelines to create a product which fit well into the McGraw Hill Financial ecosystem.

The user experience was a little more tricky than one would initially imagine. I felt like what we were creating was something that the user would not be enthusiastic about using. What this app is, is a yearly certification in which all employees of MHF had to read and be tested in. My first rule in building this was, don’t make it difficult to get the user up,┬árunning, and completed. That included; downloading the app, signing up & creating an account, and making it simple and intuitive enough that little thought had to be used to get certified. After the logging in portion of the flow was figured out the task in testing simplicity became the next challenge. The written form of the COBE was a text document which was pretty mind numbing to read. Chopping up the information into digestable chunks and dividing them into sub-sections was a simple yet extremely necessary solution. Then creating an intuitive and clever testing system was created. Overall the project was a huge success and all were happy with the results, even the test takers.

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iPhone App Design
Interactive Design
Information Architecture

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