I was hired to product design the Rivals app from the ground up. This included creating User Experience (user research, competitive analysis, brainstorming, feature set creation, user personas, user journeys, user scenarios, information architecture, ux sketches, ux wireframes, prototyping, and usability testing) as well as designing the branding and creative directing and designing the app. Rivals is an app where users can find bars and venues where ‘bar sports’ are available to play. Once at a venue a user checks into the venue which allows them to challenge and be challenged to the games which are at that venue. Games are played, scores are recorded, and stats and awards are given. Gamification of real-life games. New friends and Rivals are made IN REAL LIFE while the stats and trophies support the fun of meeting new people and being active.


Madzik Agency


My Roles:
iPhone & Android App Design
Interactive Design
Information Architecture


User Flow - Match Challenge & Play

User Use Case Stories

Information Architecture w/ Feature Set

User Personas

Competitor & Functionality Landscape Review