ADQT (pronounced “ad·e·quate”) is a clothing company founded by Graham Slick. All tshirts on the site are designed and silkscreened by Graham (Me).

ADQT started when my art was beginning to gain traction in the art gallery world. I’ve shown artwork in over 30 exhibitions in NYC, Brooklyn, & Miami and I wanted to create works that were accessible to folks who couldn’t afford my art, or just wanted something fun to wear. I researched fabrics, tshirt makers, silkscreening techniques, & screen burners and built a one color silkscreening press in my apartment.

I designed and coded the ADQT website to work with iPad browsers. The main pages of the site falling above the fold were designed to create a cohesive one-screen experience, and big buttons running rampant for happy touching. I highlighted the large photographs of the shirts and created a tone of playfulness in the copywriting.

In the accompanying blog I wrote fun articles on random culture pieces and created a series of videos called, “The Best Part Of…”. In these videos I would edit out the very best joke or a 5-10sec bit from a movie or tv show. It’s interesting how many comments would come in and create a discussion about what actually was the best part of the given movie. In the end the blog posts were a great social media promotional tool, tying together ADQT’s Twitter and Facebook pages to the blog & thus driving traffic the store.


Graham Slick

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My Roles:
Founder & Owner
Creative Director
Interaction Design
Product Design
Front-end Development
Logo Design
Print Design
Video Editing
Social Media